Innovation Polaris believes in being at the forefront of technology, so we give our team time to play and do amazing things

Our team is our greatest asset and keeping our team at the pinnacle of innovation is of paramount importance to Polaris. Each year, every member of our team is granted time to pursue any innovative concept that they think up. Our only request is that at the end of the period, they can demonstrate the idea or concept to our team and share their learning.

So far our team has come up with some really cool ideas but we’re always looking to push the envelope and come up with new, interesting ways to apply technology to our world. Below are links to our most recent projects and the code created to make their innovative new thing work.


Latest Innovations

  • PDF Form Field Reader

    A windows service monitoring PDF files dropped to a location and scanned for data in form fields.

    Fields will be stored in a database

    C# | SQLite

  • WebHDFS Client

    An NPM package for interacting with Hadoop's WebHDFS REST API with an async/await, promise-based syntax rather than using callbacks.

    Node.js | TypeScript | Hadoop

  • Emotion Detection

    A WPF application to graph emotions in near real time using Microsoft Cognitive Services.

    The UI supports tracking emotions via a webcam and screen scraping the primary monitor.

    Track emotions across multiple video conferencing applications.

    C# | Azure